Multimedia Writers

Why would you need a multimedia writer?

  • For strong web content.
  • For a press release.
  • To turn your idea into a finished screenplay starting with a treatment, outline and a first draft.
  • Or do you want to write for TV? Start with a spec script of your favorite TV show – we show you how.
  • Or maybe you’d like to turn your novel idea into a screenplay or turn your screenplay into a novel.
  • Maybe you’d like to improve your English language skills and would like some tutoring sessions.
  • Or would you like to spend a few weeks or months honing your creative and expository writing skills?

Maybe you need a writing coach…

Or you’re struggling to finish a novel…

Or you need your finished novel professionally edited.

  • We can help you set up a professional web marketing presence.
  • We offer individual mentoring as well: clients include poets, screenwriters, novelists, and students.

The basis for just about everything you do in life entails good writing. We’re here to help.

We’ve assisted hundreds of people with their novels, screenplays, research proposals, white papers, articles, resumes, short stories, movie treatments, professional blogging, and social media needs. We can also assist you.

We’re fast, friendly, efficient, conscientious, and we care about writing. We care about your work. We care about YOU.

We help you express yourself.